FOSTERING A SUSTAINABLE TOMORROW: Sustaining Future Friendly Feeding in Livestock

In a world grappling with the urgent need for environmentally conscious practices, the agricultural landscape is undergoing a profound transformation.
At the heart of this transformation is the inevitable shift towards sustainable livestock farming. As our global population continues to grow, so does the demand for animal-derived products. Placing high pressure on farmers and their ability to maintain economical viability, whilst at the same time adhering to long term health of ecosystems, communities and animal welfare.

On a daily basis farmers strive to strike a balance between achieving high technical results and ensuring cost-efficient production of proteins. The ban on antimicrobial growth promoters (AMGP) has led to a more prudent use of antibiotics across the world. The implementation of these measures sometimes
raises concerns about a potential performance gap. However, at Bluejais we believe that with the right combination of good management, biosecurity, vaccination protocol combined with a feed additive toolbox there is no need to fear the occurence of such a performance gap.

Just like with any other change you will face challenges. But by using the Bluejais toolbox you will find a well-balanced combination of products and services that supports health and performanceof your livestock.



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