Eubiox® PP

Supporting eubiosis in the gut during the post-weaning period

The post weaning period is a very critical stage in the life of piglets. Both health and performance can be compromised during this stage of life. Even when a strategic management approach during the suckling period is in place – we often observe adaptation problems of young piglets. One of the most common problems is post weaning diarrhea.

At the time of weaning the piglet’s digestive system is not fully developed yet and has not achieved full immune competence. Together with the other so-called “weaning stress” this can predispose piglets to a situation of dysbiosis. Dysbiosis is an imbalance in gastro-intestinal microbiome. There is a shift in the microbial diversity in the gut in the weaning transititon. This complex and challenging situation can contribute to the development of disease in freshly weaned piglets.

Eubiox® PP is a unique physiological condition stabilizer, by making it available in a dry form it is very suitable to be used at feed millers.

– Henk

Why focus on eubiosis of the gut microbiome?

The gut microbiome plays a crucial role in animal health, resilience and well-being. If it is in balance – eubiosis – it has lots of positive effects, if it is not – dysbiosis – it can affect the body negatively. As a second brain the gut plays an important role in the bodies response to challenges . Balancing the gut microbiome is therefore the starting point in sustaining animal resilience. It is there that we want to have an impact. A gut microbiome that is able to withstand challenges can produce the vital components that help the animal to stay resilient. 

Eubiox® PP: designed for post-weaning

  • Multiple years of research and the analysis of more than 80 substances underpin the development of the Eubiox® PP
  • Eubiox® PP is a carefully designed blend of natural substances.
  • All substances have a proven mode of action that can support eubiosis.
  • Supports the piglets resilience during situations of post weaning stress.
  • Eubiox® PP supports the piglet to maintain a healthy physiological state.

Developed with novel QSP-approach

Eubiox® is a product range developed with the expert knowledge of our Center of Excellence Sana Novum. Increasing resilience is of great importance. A resilient piglet hast the strength to withstand or bounce back from the challenges that it encounters. Eubiox® PP is a natural solution that is specifically designed for piglets in the post-weaning period based on our QSP-approach.

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