Animals. They are the heart of livestock farming.

 A sector that has evolved rapidly in the last decades. Innovation has brought our industry forward and enabled us to work smarter and more efficient. In the midst of all this progress our livestock is facing challenges. Challenges that cannot always be prevented. As they are simply part of every animal’s life. But how our animals are able to cope with these challenges – that is where we can make the difference.

Bringing the power of nature back to the farm

Imagine looking at animal health from a completely new perspective. That is exactly what our Center of Excellence Sana Novum did. They wondered: “Nature has always found a way to adapt to the ever changing world. What if nature holds the solution to support animal resilience?” Sending all animals back into nature is not always an option, but what if we could bring the power of nature back to the farm? During a 4-year research journey, Sana Novum laid the foundation for our brand-new, species-specific solution Eubiox® 

Discover Eubiox®

Eubiox® is a product range developed with the expert knowledge of our Center of Excellence Sana Novum. It is a range of (patho)physiological stabilizers based on special blends of natural substances. All substances have a proven mode of action in maintaining eubiosis in animals. Eubiox®is tailored to meet the specific needs of the animal. 

Eubiox® PP​N

Easy to use solution for piglets in the neonatal phase.

Eubiox® PP

Specifically designed for piglets in the post weaning phase.

Eubiox® CBL​

Tailored to meet the species specific challenges of broilers.

Meet our Bluejais and Sana Novum Team

With team members that hold over 25 years of experience in livestock farming, Bluejais is now ready to bring these new concepts to you. Eubiox® is carefully tailored to tackle species specific challenges. These solutions do not only meet the demands of today, but are also developed to meet the sustainable needs in the future. Together we can kickstart a new era of feeding solutions that are not only friendly to our future but also integrate nature’s inherent resilience from a completely new perspective.

Let's get in

Let's get in

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