Bluejais B.V., a manufacturer and seller of specialty feed additives, and the Animal Health Group, a strategic alliance of companies active in the poultry- and swine industry, today announced the launch of the Eubiox® range in the Dutch and German market.

Developed by Bluejais’ center of excellence, Sana Novum, Eubiox® is a novel solution designed to support gut microbiome balance in livestock animals. “For Bluejais this launch marks the start of a new era in feed additives. Over the course of the last 4 years our Center of Excellence has been able to unravel the power of nature and laid the foundation for the first Eubiox® solutions that we are introducing today.”, said Buis Ebbinge co-founder of Bluejais. Veterinarian Sam de Snoeck, leading the research at Sana Novum adds: “As a veterinarian, I am excited to now have a natural solution at hand that supports animal health and performance. Though there is still more to be discovered, we are very pleased that the Animal Health Group is already joining forces to bring the power of nature to the farm today.

The Eubiox® range encompasses solutions that are specifically tailored to meet the specific requirements of different species during various lifecycle stages. Backed by research and testing of more than 80 ingredients, Eubiox® supports the physiological condition of the animal. It harnesses the intrinsic resilience of livestock.

“As one of the leading groups in animal healthcare, we are looking forward to offer the Eubiox® solutions to our clients in the Netherlands and Germany” said Arnoud Plantema CEO of the Animal Group. “Leveraging the expertise of Freriks and Agraplan in feed additives and Avecur’s veterinary knowledge, we are providing clients with a very novel solution that helps our clients meet the challenges of modern livestock production.”

Bluejais B.V. and the Animal Health Group are committed to supporting farmers in their quest for sustainable solutions, providing them with the right tools and insights needed to thrive in the evolving landscape of animal husbandry.

About Bluejais

A feed-additive supplier based in The Netherlands. Run by a small enthusiastic and dedicated team. With our down-to earth mentality we share one goal: deliver high-quality feed additives. The different areas of expertise from our team members allow us to excel. At Bluejais, we understand the importance of creating feed additive solutions that meet the emerging challenges of the agricultural industry. Together we can contribute to animal health and business performance!

About Animal Health Group

Research makes the difference! The Animal Health Group is one of the largest poultry practices in the Netherlands. With two accredited laboratories and divisions in feed additives, hygiene, acids and animal supplies, the group offers a total concept for poultry farmers. The Animal Health Group provides high-quality products from its partners with veterinary guidance, supported by its own laboratories and range of animal additives. Its mission is “to guide our partners, from start to finish”.

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