Partnership between Swiss and Dutch companies will introduce innovative products for poultry, swine and aquatic species.

In April Bluejais and the Nuproxa Group formalized a collaboration agreement in the Spanish city of Almagro. Bluejais was invited to present their portfolio during the General Managers Meeting of Nuproxa Group., It was decided that in a first step the companies would introduce two new products (Nuxa GP & Nuxa LS), to the Nuproxa Groups’s portfolio in the Latin American market and selected countries in the EMEA region.
The products, developed by the Dutch company Bluejais, are designed to address some of the most common daily challenges faced by swine, poultry and aquatic species producers: infections and gastrointestinal disorders in farm animals.

Goetz Gotterbarm, CEO of the Nuproxa Group, expressed his confidence in the partnership and highlighted the synergies between the two companies: “Bluejais shares our vision of innovation and excellence. This partnership not only strengthens our position in the market, but also reinforces our commitment to providing quality solutions to our customers.

“The partnership with Nuproxa marks an exciting milestone for Bluejais. Through this collaboration, we are able to bring our medium chain fatty acid solutions towards swine, poultry and aqua farmers throughout Latin America. It is a significant step forward in our mission to provide future friendly feeding solutions to farmers and feed millers worldwide. We look forward to this journey of growth and impact by joining forces with Nuproxa.” Buis Ebbinge – CEO Bluejais.

With Nuproxa and Bluejais joining forces, new products are expected to not only meet market demands, but also raise standards in animal welfare and production efficiency. This agreement marks the beginning of a promising collaboration with the potential for further innovation in the animal nutrition and health industry.

About Bluejais
A feed-additive supplier based in The Netherlands. Run by a small enthusiastic and dedicated team. With our down-to earth mentality we share one goal: deliver high-quality feed additives. The different areas of expertise from our team members allow us to excel. At Bluejais, we understand the importance of creating feed additive solutions that meet the emerging challenges of the agricultural industry. Together we can contribute to animal health and business performance!

About Nuproxa
The Nuproxa Group is a Swiss company that, since its creation in 2007, combines science, innovation and quality to offer the market naturally effective products. Nuproxa guarantees the efficacy of its solutions, resulting in nutrition and diet formulations that deliver performance and savings to the animal feed industry. Nuproxa is present in more than 25 countries in Latin America, Europe and Africa, with a strong commitment to its business partners, to research, to the development of the products it markets and, above all, to its customers.

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