Bluejais B.V., a manufacturer and seller of specialty feed additives, today announces that it will enter the aquaculture feed industry marking a significant milestone in its commitment to future friendly feeding aquaculture practices. This strategic move has been made possible through close collaboration with Radakrishnan Balaraman, owner of Procon Biotek India, a distinguished expert and business associate of Bluejais with over 30 years of experience in shrimp and fish aquaculture.

Balaraman’s expertise in intensive grow-out technology and his extensive background in providing technical support across all stages of shrimp and fish aquaculture farming, from nursery to hatchery, and water management to troubleshooting, has been instrumental to this endeavor. With his invaluable insights, Bluejais is ready to introduce these concepts to the aquaculture industry.

The collaboration between Bluejais and Balaraman has led to the development of two in-feed concepts and one water treatment solution. These solutions help support productivity, mitigate risks, and promote sustainable practices in shrimp and fish farming. The water treatment product is designed to tackle the challenges posed by algae growth in shrimp ponds, along with its adverse effects on shrimp health and growth. By effectively managing algae growth, the solution helps prevent high losses and ensures optimal shrimp growth, thereby contributing to good water management practices in aquaculture.
“We are very excited to collaborate with Balaraman and introduce these innovative solutions to the shrimp and fish aquaculture industry,” said Buis Ebbinge, co-founder of Bluejais. “Our aim is to empower aqua feed millers and shrimp and fish farmers with the tools they need to achieve sustainable and profitable operations. Through continuous research and development, we are committed to driving positive change and fostering a more resilient aquaculture sector.”

“I am thrilled to bring these innovative concepts to Indian and other Asian markets,” exclaimed Balaraman. “Having been involved from the initial stages of development until their launch, I have had the opportunity to customize these solutions to specifically address the challenges that Asian aquaculture farmers and feed millers encounter. After extensive research and field trials, I am very enthusiastic about presenting these solutions, which I believe will make a significant difference in the industry.”

The launch of Bluejais’ new concepts represents a significant step forward in the company’s mission to deliver added-value solutions to its customers worldwide. Through its commitment to future friendly feeding practices, Bluejais is working towards a more sustainable and resilient future for aquaculture.

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